Strength Rules


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Strength Rules

Strength Rules

Strength Rules

Strength Rules

Strength Rules

How to Get Stronger Than Almost Anyone—And the Proven Plan to Make It Real

von Danny Kavadlo

Danny Kavadlo zeigt in diesem Buch, wie man mit einfachen Mitteln, fast ohne Geräte und mit einer gesunden Ernährung und Lebensweise seine Körperkraft erheblich steigern kann.

Paperback 264 Seiten

How to Be Tough As Nails—Whatever You Do, Wherever You Go, Whenever You Need it…

Want to get classically strong—in every dimension of your life—gut, heart and mind…?

In other words, do you want to be:

More than just gym-strong?
More than just functionally strong?
More than just sport-specific strong?
More than just butt-kicker strong?
And—certainly—more than just look-pretty-in-a-bodybuilding-contest strong?

Do you demand—instead—to be:

Tensile Strong?
Versatile Strong?
Pound-for-Pound Strong?
The Ultimate Physical Dynamo?
A Spiritual Force?
An Emotional Rock?

Then welcome to Danny’s World… the world of Strength Rules—where you can stand tall on a rock-solid foundation of classic strength principles…Arm-in-arm with a world leader in the modern calisthenics movement…

Then… with Danny as your constant guide, grow taller and ever-stronger—in all aspects of your life and being—with a Master Blueprint of progressive calisthenic training where the sky’s the limit on your possible progress…

Do Danny’s classical Strength Rules—and, for sure, you can own the keys to the strength kingdom…

Ignore Danny’s classical Strength Rules—break them, twist them, lame-ass them, screw with them—then doom yourself to staying stuck in idle as a perpetual strength mediocrity…

The choice is yours!


INTRODUCTION: Why Strength Rules


Chapter 1. You Talkin’ To Me?

Chapter 2. Desert Island Workout

Chapter 3. Set In Stone

Chapter 4. Keep It Real

Chapter 5. That Voodoo That You Do

Chapter 6. Strong Words From A Strange Man

Chapter 7. Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Chapter 8. Danny’s DO’s

Chapter 9. Danny’s DON’T’s


Chapter 10. Basic Training (Starting Out)

-Starter Squat

-Starter Push

-Starter Pull

-Starter Flex, Bend, Extend

-Starter Workouts

Chapter 11. Beast Mode (Classic Strength)

-Classic Squat

-Classic Push

-Classic Pull

-Classic Flex, Bend, Extend

-Classic Workouts

Chapter 12. Like A Boss (Advanced Moves)

-Advanced Squat

-Advanced Push

-Advanced Pull

-Advanced Flex, Bend, Extend

-Advanced Workouts

Chapter 13. Stretch It Out

CONCLUSION: With Liberty And Fitness For All

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